[STCW] Crisis & Crowd Management Training Course (NMA Approved)
US $300.00

The STCW code (section A-V/2, paragraph 4) states that any person with responsibility for the safety of passengers in emergency situations on board passenger ships shall complete Crisis Management and Human Behaviour Training in accordance with their capacity, duties and responsibilities. 

In addition, section A-V/2, paragraph 3 states that personnel designated on the muster list to assist passengers in an emergency shall complete Crowd Management Training before being assigned duties.  

The combined crisis & crowd management course covers the minimum mandatory training requirements described above for personnel onboard passenger ships. The course consists of two e-learning modules 
  • Crisis Management, (#73) 
  • Crowd Management (#82)
This course comprises eLearning modules with a final onscreen assessment and a workbook containing questions/assignments. You must achieve 95% completion in all eLearning and score 75% or higher in all assessments and workbook assignments. Our course Documentation List refers.  

Guided learning hours: 12-16hrs.

This course is approved by the Norwegian Maritime Authority(NMA).

This course is required to be completed onboard ship for the issue of an NMA approved certificate. Candidates taking this course onshore will receive a certificate excluding NMA approval. On completion of this course you will receive a Documentary Evidence. 

Legislations & references

  • STCW Code Regulation Section A-V/2
  • IMO Model Course 1.28 
  • Languages
  • English (United Kingdom)