[STCW] Ship Security Officer Training Course (NMA Approved)
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Onboard all ships which are required to comply with the provisions of the ISPS Code, a Ship Security Officer (SSO) must be designated. This Ship Security Officer onboard course has been designed to meet the requirements for training of these Ship Security Officers.

One of the main concerns for a shipping company today is to maintain their fleets security. Today there are advanced systems that can help to maintain the ship and crews security but it all starts with the Ship Security Plan and the vessels Ship Security Officer. To have a vigilant and competent Ship Security Officer on board is critical to maintain the vessels security.

Candidates must have 12 months of approved sea service (in any capacity) onboard ship. 

On completion of this course you will receive a Documentary evidence and a Certificate of Proficiency from Ocean Technologies Group, powered by Seagull.

This course is approved by the Norwegian Maritime Administration (NMA). 

Legislation & references

• STCW Section A-VI/5 and Table A-VI/5
• ISPS Code
• IMO Model Course 3.19. Ship Security Officer
• MSC/Circ.622/Rev.1
• MSC/Circ.623/Rev.3
• BMP5"

Learning Objectives

The objective is to provide competence, enhance the knowledge and to enable the Ship Security Officer (SSO) to perform the planning and training of security related activities in accordance with STCW Section A VI/5, the ISPS Code’s part A/12.2 and B/13.2, the IMO model course 3.19.

Please note that the final assessment of this course must be completed under the direct supervision of an Authenticating Person. This is the Master/Senior Officer onboard ship or senior official of a registered shipping company or maritime institution onshore. Our Course Procedure refers. 

  • English (United Kingdom)