Safety, Health and Environment Training Course (Norwegian Flag)
US $400.00

Safety representatives together with the rest of the members in the working environment committee play important roles in ensuring a safe working environment and maintaining a strong safety culture. By having a well-organized working environment committee and a focus on safety on-board the accidents and near misses decrease and the crew’s morale increases.

Training in protection and environment issues is a special Norwegian requirement, but the Norwegian Maritime Authority does not require this type of training prior to joining a vessel.
This training consists of 4 e-learning modules, which combine with “Excerpts from the Norwegian Passenger and Cargo Ship Legislation, etc. 2008”. 

On completion of this course you will receive Documentary Evidence from Ocean TG powered by Seagull.

By the end of this course you will:
  • have the knowledge required to be a safety representative and a member of the working environment committee onboard.
Regulations Addressed
  • The Ship Safety and Security Act, section 29 
  • “Excerpts from the Norwegian Passenger and Cargo Ship Legislation, etc. 2008”
The course is recognized by the Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA)

Please note that the final assessment of this course must be completed under the direct supervision of an Authenticating Person. This is the Master/Senior Officer onboard ship or senior official of a registered shipping company or maritime institution onshore. Our Course Procedure refers.

  • English (United Kingdom)