6325 [STCW] Crisis Management & Human Behaviour Training Course (MCA Approved)
If you work onboard a passenger ship and are designated on the muster lists as having responsibility for the safety of passengers in emergency situations onboard passenger ships, you must, prior to taking up shipboard duties, have completed crisis management and human behaviour training
US $200.00
6345 Risk Assessment at Sea Training Course
This course explores how to put risk assessment into practice on board ship. Candidates will understand that risk assessment is a useful tool that helps prevent accidents, incidents and injuries at sea.
US $200.00
6110 Safety Officer Training Course (Seagull)
To be able to reduce the number of accidents it is critical to ensure well-organized safety work on board the ship. The Safety Officer has a key role in organizing safety work, building and enforcing a strong safety culture, developing best practice, and analysing accidents and near misses.
US $400.00
6340 Safety Officer Training Course (Videotel)
Safety officers are appointed on ships with 5 or more seafarers onboard and this course provides the training required by those newly appointed or about to be appointed to the role.
US $400.00
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