Occupational Health and Safety (Danish Flag)
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Onboard Danish flagged vessels members of the safety group are required to undergo training concerning the working environment approved by the Danish Maritime Authority(DMA). This is called a “Section 16 course”. Immediately after the election of a safety representative and appointment of a supervisor, the ship owner shall enroll them for the Section 16 course.

The objective of this course is to give seafarers the necessary training and knowledge required to carry out their duties as a member of the safety organization in cooperation with others to promote a safe and healthy working environment on board ships. 

This course is produced in association with SEA HEALTH & WELFARE which is responsible for the content of the e-learning modules and practical tasks, ensuring it fulfils the Danish legislative requirements. 

On completion of this course you will receive Documentary Evidence from Ocean TG powered by Seagull.

Please note that the final assessment of this course must be completed under the direct supervision of an Authenticating Person. This is the Master/Senior Officer onboard ship or senior official of a registered shipping company or maritime institution onshore. Our Course Procedure refers.

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