Safety Officer Training Course (Seagull)
US $400.00

To be able to reduce the number of accidents it is critical to ensure well-organized safety work on board the ship. The Safety Officer has a key role in organizing safety work, building and enforcing a strong safety culture, developing best practice, and analysing accidents and near misses. The Safety Officer will also contribute to high morale and a healthy crew.

On every sea-going ship where more than five workers are employed, the company is required to appoint a Safety Officer. The Master must record the appointment of a Safety Officer in the official logbook, reference: MCA Code of Safe Working Practices for Merchant Seafarers. This Safety Officer can become suitably qualified by completing this Safety Officer course. This training from Seagull consists of 6 e-learning modules and a workbook with extracts from the MCA Code of Safe Working Practices for Merchant Seafarers. 

This course comprises eLearning modules with a final onscreen assessment and a workbook containing questions/assignments. You must achieve 95% completion in all eLearning and score 75% or higher in all assessments and workbook assignments. Our course Documentation List refers.  

Guided learning hours: 12-16hrs.

On completion of this course you will receive a Documentary Evidence.

This course has non-mandatory approval from the UK Maritime & Coastguard Agency and Liberia Ship Registry.  For an MCA certificate, this training must be completed onboard ship.

Those eligible to perform duties as “Safety Officer” or a “Safety Representative”, are limited to crew members who have no less than 2 years consecutive sea service since attaining the age of 18, which in the case of a safety representative on board a tanker shall include at least 6 months service on such a ship.

Legislation & references
  • English (United Kingdom)