[STCW] Assessor Training Course
US $400.00

This course provides theoretical and practical training for ship officers appointed as assessors to provide the competence and confidence he or she will require to complete this task. The candidate for assessor training should have a thorough knowledge of the Onboard Training Record Book, with special emphasis on the instructor and assessors role in the training process. 

This course comprises eLearning modules with a final onscreen assessment and a workbook containing questions/assignments. You must achieve 95% completion in all eLearning and score 75% or higher in all assessments and workbook assignments. Our course Documentation List refers.  

Guided learning hours: 7-10hrs.

This course is approved by the Norwegian Maritime Authority. On completion of this course a Documentary evidence will be issued. 

Learning Objectives

This course explores the following topics:
  • Execution of proper in - service assessment
  • Principles of assessment and assessment systems
  • Understanding assessment as a part of the learning process
  • Preparing for an observant assessment
  • Carrying out an observant assessment
  • Oral questioning and listening techniques
  • Requirements of an Assessor

Regulations Addressed

  • STCW 1978 as amended Regulation I/6 
  • IMO Model Course 1.30

Please note that the final assessment of this course must be completed under the direct supervision of an Authenticating Person. This is the Master/Senior Officer onboard ship or senior official of a registered shipping company or maritime institution for courses allowed to be completed onshore. Our Course Procedure refers. 

  • English (United Kingdom)