Wärtsilä SAM Electronics ECDISPILOT 2, basic and platinum Training Course
US $300.00

This course aims to train navigators in the practical use of the ECDISPILOT 2, and satisfy the requirement for ECDIS familiarisation. Wärtsilä SAM Electronics GmbH confirms that this module will provide all necessary understanding and practical knowledge to use the SAM ECDISPILOT 2 system in a safe and efficient manner.


Seagull Maritime has worked with Wärtsilä SAM Electronics to produce a training module in the use of the ECDISPILOT, the training module is included in this distance course.Wärtsilä SAM Electronics is a major producer of ECDIS and integrated bridge systems, for all types of vessels. This ECDISPILOT training is suitable for either the ECDISPILOT Basic standalone version, and the ECDISPILOT Platinum forming part of an integrated bridge system.

This course covers ECDISPILOT software version: 2.x.

 Important: Please note that in order for the course to be approved the training has to be carried out in a controlled environment (on board or in a company office). All submitted pages must be signed by the master/onboard assessor or by an office assessor in order to verify this.

Legislation & references

This Distance Course is approved by Wärtsilä SAM Electronics as product specific training for SAM Electronics ECDISPILOT Basic and SAM Electronics ECDISPILOT Platinum software version 2.x.

Learning objectives

  • Recognise a SAM Electronics ECDISPILOT Platinum setup on a vessel
  • State how to switch the ECDISPILOT Platinum on and off safely
  • Identify the functions of the various menus
  • Identify how to passage plan using the ECDISPILOT Platinum
  • List the tools available to assist monitoring a passage
  • State how to playback a voyage recording
  • State how to load charts and chart updates
  • List the maintenance requirements for the ECDISPILOT Platinum




One day


  • Wärtsilä SAM Electronics
  • Seagull Maritime AS