Kelvin Hughes ECDIS Training Course
US $300.00

An effective way to get a course diploma for the Kelvin Hughes ECDIS system!

One of the challenges the industry faces is the multiple number of ECDIS system and types available in the market. Seagull has developed a great and easy option that will solve a lot of logistics for you as a company. This course can be done onboard or at the office, and the course consists only of one e-learning module and a small procedure.


Seagull has developed a type specific ECDIS distance course for Kelvin Hughes ECDIS together with Kelvin Hughes Limited. The training will consist of the e-learning module #4012 and a procedure.

Important: Please note that in order for the course to be approved the training has to be carried out in a controlled environment (on board or in a company office). All submitted pages must be signed by the master/onboard assessor or by an office assessor in order to verify this.

Legislation & references

This distance course has been approved by the manufacturer Kelvin Hughes as Equipment Specific training on Kelvin Hughes MantaDigital ECDIS.

Learning objectives
  • Be able to switch on and set up a Kelvin Hughes MantaDigital ECDIS correctly
  • Confirm that the ECDIS is fully operational
  • Access the menu system and man-machine interface
  • Use the ECDIS to passage plan effectively
  • Manipulate charts and other information on the ECDIS
  • Identify radar and AIS targets on the ECDIS


  • Kelvin Hughes Limited
  • Seagull AS