Distance Course - 6210
US $307.00

An effective way to get a course diploma for the MARIS ECDIS system!

One of the challenges the industry faces is the multiple number of ECDIS system and types available in the market. Seagull has developed a great and easy option that will solve a lot of logistics for you as a company. This course can be done onboard or at the office, and the course consists only of one e-learning module and a small procedure.


Seagull has developed a type specific ECDIS distance course for MARIS ECDIS together with MARIS.

Important: Please note that in order for the course to be approved the training has to be carried out in a controlled environment (on board or in a company office). All submitted pages must be signed by the master/onboard assessor or by an office assessor in order to verify this.

<h4>Legislation & references</h4>

MARIS AS has approved the Seagull e-learning module # 4010 MARIS ECDIS900 as product specific ECDIS familiarization for MARIS ECDIS900.



  • Seagull AS