E-learning module - 8551.02
Ex installation and maintenance
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This course package is made for personnel who organize or perform: planning, installation, inspection and maintenance of Ex equipment. The courses give an introduction and repetition in different subjects treated in the IEC 60079 Standard (NEK EN 60079).

5 e-learning courses:
- Ex refresher and assessment 8532
- Electrical installation in Ex areas 8533
- Electrical Exi installations 8534
- Cables, cable entry and IP rating in Ex areas 8535
- Ex inspection and maintenance 8536

Learning objectives:
- Fundamental Ex philosophy, refresher
- Preparing and installing electrical equipment in hazardous areas
- Inspection and maintenance of electrical equipment in Ex areas
- Understand what maintenance tasks can be done locally, and what must be performed by an authorized work shop
- Give candidates for CompEx certification the necessary background for the theoretical assessment

See the separate product sheets for detailed information on each course.

Legislation & references

IEC 60079-10-1
IEC 60079-11
IEC 60079-14
IEC 60079-17
IEC 60079-25
Fusex and Phosex
NEK 420


English, Norwegian


5 hours



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