6130 Ballast Water Management Training Course
The Ballast Water Management (BWM) course will take participating seafarers through the requirements and provide them with the knowledge necessary for effective implementation of the BWM Convention.
US $200.00
6375 Environmental Officer Training Course
There is a growing quantity of increasingly demanding environmental legislation relevant to shipping. All ships' officers and crew must comply with these requirements and need to be aware of environmental issues. To address this need, some companies are appointing Environmental Officers on board.
US $400.00
6360 ISO 14001 - Environmental Management Training Course
In recent years, environmental awareness has grown significantly. Many major companies have responded by establishing an environmental policy and implementing programmes to minimise the impact of their operations on the planet.
US $200.00
6131 Low Sulphur Operations Training Course
On January 1st 2020 a new regulation regarding low sulphur content in fuel came into force. To be able to comply with the new regulation many ships must either install an exhaust treatment plant (scrubber) or they must use low sulphur fuel which requires some operational changes to their machinery
US $200.00
6132 Marine Environmental Awareness Training Course
On board a modern vessel there are a number of substances that represent potential harm to the environment, therefore it is critical to educate personnel and organize the effort to prevent all types of pollution from the vessel.
US $200.00
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