6209 Cyber Security Awareness Training Course
Cyber security threats have increased over the past few years in the maritime industry. With the increasing use of systems with embedded software on ships and mobile offshore platforms, cyber security is becoming critical not only for data protection, but also for reliable operations.
US $150.00
6251 Enclosed Space Entry Awareness Training Course
This course gives knowledge about hazards, precautions and personal protective equipment needed for safe operation in enclosed spaces. The course can be done onboard or at the office, and the course consists of one e-learning module and onscreen assessment.
US $200.00
6112 Enclosed Space Entry Training Course
Every year many seafarers are injured or killed during work in enclosed spaces. Despite the fact that just about everyone seems to be aware of the hazard, accidents with fatality and serious injury continues to happen.
US $200.00
6250 Hazmat Training Course
International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code is important for seafarers assigned to specific duties and responsibilities related to cargo or cargo equipment involving packaged dangerous, hazardous and harmful goods.
US $200.00
6207 Incident Investigation Training Course
Despite all of our best efforts, accidents still happen at sea, resulting in loss of life, injuries, pollution or extra costs. In this course we look at the benefits of incident investigation in preventing future accidents.
US $200.00
6252 Navigation in Ice Training Course
Navigating in cold environments poses a challenge to bridge officers and could endanger the ship and those onboard. This course gives the navigators the knowledge they need to meet this challenge and is relevant to any vessel which trades above latitude 60 degrees.
US $200.00
6253 Rigging and Slinging Training Course
The purpose of this training programme is to provide general and useful information about safe rigging and slinging practice. The programme covers the most common used equipment and provides the most useful and relevant information on each type of equipment.
US $200.00
6350 Survey and Examination of Lifting Appliances Training Course
When a lifting appliance fails, the consequences can be far-reaching. Serious injuries and deaths can occur. Legal claims can arise and legal costs can be significant. When equipment fails, the costs of disrupted operations can also be considerable.
US $200.00
6114 Working at Height Training Course
Falling from a height is one of the most common causes of death and injury of seafarers despite the effort to ensure safe working conditions for those onboard ships. International maritime regulations do not have many specific requirements for working at height, but the ISM code requires that risks
US $200.00
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